09 March 2020,
by Admin

Campaign planning for digital media

Planning for how digital media are used includes both short-term campaigns to support a particular goal such as launching a new product, promoting a sale or encouraging prospects to attend an event, and longer-term ‘always-on’ or continuous e-communications activities which review the best mix of communications to use to drive visitors to a site and achieve the main outcomes for the site such as product sales (for a retailer), lead generation (for a business-to-business company), engagement with a brand or subscriptions or ad revenue (for an online publisher or consumer brand).

Chaffey and Smith (2012) refer to the relevance of timing for traffic building. They say: Some e-marketers may consider traffic building to be a continuous process, but others may view it as a specific campaign, perhaps to launch a site or a major enhancement. Some methods tend to work best continuously; others are short term. Short-term campaigns will be for a site launch or an event such as an online trade show.

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